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What Next?

Setting your Puppy up for Success

Setting your Puppy up for Success

Most owners purchase a dog as a faithful, family companion, yet many miss out on providing the necessary foundations during the critical socialisation period(3 to 13 weeks)due to vaccination shots restricting what the pup can be exposed to.

Lifeline Dogs offers a Puppy Life Package includes everything you need to know to set your new Puppy up for Success.

Life Skills for Puppies is also available in a Class Format which gives you an environment in which you can work on getting your dog to focus on your around distractions.

Puppy Training Class - Life Skills

Puppy Training Consultation

In the consultation you will receive information on how to teach your dog life skills, including the following -

  • - Socialising
  • - Teething
  • - Enrichment
  • - Good Behaviours
  • - Basic Obedience
How Long?

Approximately 1.5 to 2 hours


You will learn how to positively reinforce your puppy for good behaviours, and find out how you can take your training one step further.


There will be plenty of opportunities to ask any questions about your Pup or the Training Methods employed

Step 1 - Consultation

The puppy life consultation lasts approximately 1.5 - 2 hours, giving you plenty of opportunity to ask any questions you have about your new pup.

Step 2 - Continued Support

You will receive follow up notes from the session to build your training plan.

How Much you Say?

Puppy Life includes an initial Consultation and Continued Support afterwards.

The Consultation is conducted at your home.

2019 Pricing  £40


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