Pet Visits

Week - Day visits

These 1/2 hour - 1 hour visits are a perfect way to give your pet the opportunity to get out of the house to toilet, have some interaction and play, as well as have food or medication. 

Puppy breaks

These visits are suitable for young dogs who are not yet ready to go on long walks.

Puppies need regular opportunity to toilet so that they become house trained, alongside still needing regular meals.

These half hour - 1 hour visits include letting your puppy out to the toilet and lots of interaction to help stimulate their mind.

Other animals happily cared for

We have plenty of experience caring for pets such as cats, guinea pigs, ferrets, rodents, as well as horses and cattle.

These visits can include feeding, changing, and handling your pets to ensure they are happy whilst you are away.

Prices start from £10 per half hour 


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