Scent Detection


Scent detection training has long been used widely for working operational and assistance purposes. drugs, bombs, cash, contraband, human bodies, conservation, medical alert and medical detection.

We aim to give owners the skills to train and take part in scent training activities with their dogs, just like working sniffer dogs!

Scent Detection Classes 6 weeks -

In our 6 week class you will train your dog how to do the following -

  • *Create a scent ID. 
  • *Search for that specific scent in pipes, bags, rooms, vehicles and novel objects. 
  • *Indicate that scent to you. 

Once you have completed a 6 week class or a full scent detection workshop (4 hours) you are eligible to enter bronze trials


Scent Detection is a perfect activity for any dog that has a nose! It is low impact making it accessible to old dogs and puppies, as well as giving your high energy dogs a good work out too!

£75 - 6 week class (equipment provided) 

£45 - 4 hour workshop (equipment provided)



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