Dog Walking


Adventure Dog School

Adventure dog school involves taking your dog on an extended 2.5 hour (approx) experience of the best walks Gower has to offer. This longer walk allows your dog to explore nature and the scent trails, whilst having the opportunity to play with new friends. During their time with me they will also receive training such as loose lead walking, offering focus, greeting other dogs nicely.. or anything you feel the dog needs help with!

This walk is suitable for most dogs as there will be opportunities to stop, have a drink and a rest if required. Yet, it is most suited to the dogs that have lots of energy and could benefit from refining their good manners! 



1 Hour Group Walks

One hour group walks are available to enjoy the local beaches and woodland walks in Gower. These walks break up the day when you are out at work or unable to take your dog for a walk, and ensures that they have the opportunities to behave like a dog, instead of getting up to mischief whilst you are out! 

I am insured to walk up to 6 dogs, however this is usually limited to 4. This helps dogs build their confidence whilst regularly checking in with myself, as well as ensuring their safety on walks. 




1-1 Training Walks

Training walks are available to work on recall, heel, and other good manners on walks. These are one to one walks which means that my sole attention will be applied to helping create the desired behaviours from your dog, whilst enjoying the nature walks in Gower. These walks are suitable for dogs that are unable to walk nicely with others. 


Individual Pricing

1 Hour Group Walk


1 Hour Standard Walk, these break up the day when you are out at work or unable to take your dog for a walk

For the Social Walker

Adventure Dog School


2 to 3 Hour Adventure Walk (out of house for approx 4 hours), visiting beaches and dunes, allowing your dog to experience all that nature has to offer, whilst learning good behaviours

For the Explorer

Solo Walks


1 Hour Solo walks are available to dogs if they are unsuitable for group walks due to reactive behaviours, or require 1-1 sessions until they can join group sessions.

For the Individualist

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