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At Lifeline Dogs there is great importance placed on providing the correct Exercise, Training, Nutrition and relevant Therapies to maintain a completely healthy 'well being'

Through consultations and packages we specialise in helping guardians develop their understanding of their dog's core needs and how to create a happy dog

Bobbi offers a different type of learning about your dog. All the classes I have attended have been good for any age of dog, with different levels of ability. She has a relaxed but professional style of instructing and her classes are enjoyable for both dog and owner. Some of the classes take place in different environments rather than solely in a hall, so with natural distractions, it helps the dog cope with learning in everyday life. Bobbi is very approachable and willing to help with individual dog’s needs and problems (or rather the owners). I’m looking forward to the next class!

CHRIS – MAY 2019
Chris 2019

Bobbi is knowledgable patient and a skilled dog trainer. Essential doggy life skills taught in a variety of ways and settings. Could not recommend highly enough – brilliant

WENDY – MAY 2019

We have been working with Bobbi for the last 12 months training our rescue Dog. Bobbi has a very approachable manner to training and appreciation of a dogs needs, and the owner. We would recommend her to any owner whatever there needs. Her one to one lessons have been the best for us.
Our training carries on this year 2019.


I am commenting on this as it is 3 yrs later now and Bel and I are still benefitting from working with Bobbi. Bel had become very reactive to other dogs after an incident but after using the techniques Bobbi taught us we are now much less reactive(Bel) and much less stressed (me). Patience and confidence are now our friends. Can never thank you enough Bobbi and Lifeline Dogs.

Behaviour Consultation provides support to Owners and Pets

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Lifeline Dogs provides personalised one to one consults and training walks which support you on your training journey. Group classes and workshops are also available so that you can practise your new skills in new environments and around various distractions.

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