Would you like to be happier, healthier and more content with life?

If I told you that with one change in your life it could make you feel more loved, have more cuddles, and enjoy peace out in nature nature, would you believe me?

If you answered yes, then you guessed it! A dog will give you love, cuddles (and sloppy kisses!) and an outlet to burn off some energy and enjoy the great outdoors. Inviting a dog into your home not only provide you with those 3 qualities, but benefit your life in many more positive ways.

The idea of bringing a new dog into your family is an exciting one. Most families and individuals invite dogs into their homes with the idea of unconditional love, increased exercise and a happy face to greet them at the end of each day. Mention puppies and dogs and most people will melt at the thought of interacting with them. They can bring so much joy into our lives, and teach us a lot about ourselves.

In recent years scientists have been more interested in studying our canine friends, and have confirmed that they have many positive influences in our lives. After researching for a project on how dogs effect human emotional development, I have collaborated a list of how a dog can increase your mental well being and how you are able to enjoy life more.

Positive effects of dogs;

Calms the mind as the dog provides a focus.

Increases confidence.

Encourages interaction.

Teaches responsibility.

Lowers blood pressure and heart rate.

Increased fitness levels.

Provides unconditional love.

Increases attention span.

Teaches respect, trust and empathy.

Helps develop people’s emotion regulation.

Provides a non judgmental relationship.

Increases communication skills.

Increased sense of security and comfort.

Detection of diseases and cancers with their sense of smell.

Assistant dogs restore people’s sense of self sufficiency by helping owners with home care (picking things up off floor, carrying things).

They can alert you to danger.

Detection of blood sugar levels.

Below are a few responses I received back from questionnaires I delivered.

“My dog provides me with a sense of purpose in my retired years. She encourages me to get out each morning which keeps me fit!”

“As a gay couple, moving to a new village made us feel apprehensive in case we weren’t accepted. However, we have made many new friends with the help of our two rescue dogs. We had nothing to worry and are grateful that the dogs are a good conversation starter”

“My dogs have taught me about responsibility and how to care for another animal. They make me so happy, I don’t know what I would do without them!”

As you have read from the list above, dogs have a huge effect on how we can live our lives. The human- dog relationship encourages individuals to find a balance in life of being with nature and exploring the emotions of love, trust and happiness.

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