In a culture of instant information, it can all be a little difficult to work out what the best method is to treat problems your dog may have! We have so much choice nowadays, such as what food to give, what training method to use and what treatments are effective.

I personally choose to use preventative measures to keep my dog fit and healthy, instead of using the vet as a quick fix of symptoms when a problem occurs. Although I recognise and acknowledge that vets provide amazing care and expertise, it’s a regular occurrence (the same with human prescription drugs) that dogs are given unnecessary painkillers and anti inflammatory medicines that can cause an array of side effects.

Here I have set out a few natural remedies that will benefit your pooch if they are experiencing some symptoms

Ginger tea is a great way to alleviate stomach discomfort and settle the digestive system. It prevents nausea and sickness.

Boil and allow ginger root/ginger tea to cool in the water, before removing. It can be offered alone, or added to food to encourage intake.

Lemon can be used to repel and prevent fleas and ticks, alongside making your pet smell fresh.

Add boiling water to lemon slices and leave. Once the water has cooled spray onto pets coat.

Aloe Vera is perfect to soothe flea bites, minor burns, small cuts and wounds, and poison ivy reaction.

Apply a small amount onto the effected area on the dog. If possible stop the dog from licking the area so that the aloe has a chance to soothe.

Aloe Vera is be used topically. Test on small area of your dog first to ensure they are not allergic.

(Please note only use products with ‘Aloe’ NOT ‘Aloes’ in)

An Aloe Vera drink (without citric acid) can be used to treat your dog internally (Digestion, Constipation, wind, arthritic pain, and lowers acid count)

Calming mist can be created with 20 drops of SWEET MARJORAM, 8 drops of LAVENDER, 4 drops of ORANGE OIL diluted in 8oz water to make a spray. This can be sprayed onto the dogs bedding to help make them feel more settled. (Although there a few calming mists on the market, essential oils have strong properties that effect the dog on a cellular level)

ARTHRITIS MASSAGE OIL can be created with 4 drops rosemary oil, 2 drops lavender oil, 3 drops ginger oil added to 2tbs of vegetable oil. Apply directly onto the joints and limbs that your dog experiences pain and discomfort. It will help alleviate pain, and your dog will love having hands on therapy.

These 5 methods of helping your dog are non invasive and can be used regularly to help prevent and treat conditions. What makes it even better is that most of the ingredients are general household items, so no need to rush out and spend money!

All images are used from Google.