Every person I come across on my walks will agree on what a pleasure it is to be able to be outside with dogs all day long.

Whether the sun is beaming, the rain creating new streams, or the force of hail, I am outside making sure that your precious dogs are having a great time down the Gower beaches and woodlands.

I have been doing this professionally since June 2015, and since that time I have had the pleasure of meeting a variety of lovable personalities and walked all dogs from the calm little dandy who just wants to sniff about, the old thyme bull dog eager to play and a rescue pointer needing an understanding approach (he’s a street dog at heart, who needs to have lots of love to show what is expected).

I am taking the opportunity to set up a blog so that I can communicate with clients and the community about the needs of your dogs and a variety of other interesting things! It will also give you a little more insight into my goals of Lifeline Dogs and how you can be a part of the adventure!

I do my very best to walk suitable personalities together, to ensure they experience good interaction and a stimulating walk they will enjoy! I am continuing to develop a structure that will provide more one on one time with the dogs, as well as the opportunity to play and interact with doggie friends too! By having an additional working hand, it will allow us to take smaller groups out so that they all have the attention they love and deserve. (Look out for my dog walker advert soon!)

I am first aid trained and have full cover liability insurance which also includes key cover and missing pet cover (in the unlikely occurance)

As a dog walker, I have quite a few responsibilities which include and not limited to; walking your wonderful pooch, picking up / dropping off a variety of dogs throughout the day, LOTS of picking up poo, towelling dry, feeding/watering, preventing trouble between dogs/over stimulating play, observing multiple dogs on walks to ensure they are safe, keeping owners up to date, admin work, understanding and performing special requests for dogs, providing love and affection, taking photos, conducting initial consultations, college and a few other bits! It definitely keeps me occupied!

It is very rewarding watching dogs grow in confidence around other dogs, and personally build a connection between each individual personality. With my current course focusing on how dogs affect emotional development, the aim for the future is to integrate play therapy and assistant dogs, so I love that I have the opportunity to have direct contact with a variety of pooches!

I feel so privileged to work with such amazing dogs, and have the time to keep fit and enjoy the outdoors with my 4 legged friends

So thank you to all that have supported my venture, and those that continue to use my services for their precious pooch!