Dog Training

LifeLine Dogs specialises in providing Positive Reinforcement Dog Training

LifeLine Dogs specialises in providing Positive Reinforcement Dog Training.

Lifeline Dogs offers private 1-1 sessions with you and your family to discuss what you are currently experiencing with your dog. These sessions are initially in your home. We can then move on to sessions in environments that you are experiencing difficulties in. This type of training can help with general obedience / trick training, and fear / aggression.

Handling a difficult dog that has problems can be frustrating, disheartening, and sometimes life changing. With my support you will further develop your skills to help your dog move forward in a positive direction, and leave the unwanted behaviours behind. Dog training is as much about us adopting an approach that will help the individual dog, as it is about the dog learning better behaviours.

Using the correct equipment with a reward based approach will provide your dog the opportunity to build confidence in the environment/situation that is currently causing problems.

For complex behaviour issues see our Behaviour Consultation.


LifeLine Dogs specialises in providing Positive Reinforcement Dog Training


Initial 1-1 Consultation

This first meeting is necessary for me to gain an understanding to what your dog is experiencing, and exploring new positive directions that could be taken in order for your dog to start showing desired behaviours.

By the end of the session you will have gained a deeper insight into how your dog is communicating with you and have a training plan to work with.  My one to one sessions include personal coaching so that you have tools that can be used to help you feel more in control whilst you are with your dog. With on going education in life coaching techniques, I can help your explore your inner world and relationship with your dog. 


LifeLine Dogs specialises in providing Positive Reinforcement Dog Training


Practical 1-1 Sessions

These sessions are to practise new skills and behaviours that would have been looked at in the initial consultation. Dependent on what we are focusing on in sessions, will determine where they will take place. The sessions provide a controlled environment for the dog to build confidence in the situation that causes stress, e.g meeting dogs.

Training in an environment that allows us to control the situation, lets us set the dog up for success and keep the session at a level where the dog is comfortable, instead of overwhelming them. If necessary training plans can be amended at this time. 



Individual Pricing

Initial Consultation


Mandatory Initial Consultation
1-1 with Dog and Owner
Training Plan


Training Session


45 Minutes - 1 Hour Training Session
Learn New Skills
Reinforce Learnt Skills
1-1 with Dog and Owner


Extended Training Walk


2 Hour Training Walk
1-1 with Dog (with or without owner)

STEP THREE (Optional)